A little bit of history about PCSimple

Back in the middle of the 1990s, Clive Sanham took the steps to founding PCSimple with the purpose of introducing over 55s to the World Wide Web.

Clive has career background in amusement catering, social club management, accounting and adult education; as well as an educational portfolio comprising of a BA degree in learning, technology & research, a certEd, a diploma in education, a CIU diploma in club management (with honours in accountancy) and countless other qualifications from the likes of OCR and Cisco, Clive was well qualified and experienced in both problem solving and people management.

Throughout the years PCSimple has seen many faces helping to keep its customers happy.
This includes a multitude of apprentices as well as lots of students on work experience, all of whom were given the chance to develop their own skills and knowledge. 

Like many other computer shops, we offer repair and speed up services to current computers, as well as selling new or refurbished computers. However; PCSimple’s main product is customer service!
We don’t say you’ll get the cheapest prices here, but customers return to us again and again because we care and look after them.
This is what PCSimple has been about right from the beginning, and we are proud to be known for exceptional ­­­­­­customer care and trustworthiness.

Meet the team who are working to provide you with the best customer service of any computer service company.

Clive Sanham - Founder & Owner

Since founding the business of PCSimple, Clive has worked around the clock to satisfy customers. In doing so, he has gained a reputation for good, honest advice and customer service.

Berni Sanham - Receptionist

Berni has been with Clive since his teenage years, and for a long time has been the face of our front reception desk. Berni answers the phone and talks to customer when they arrive.

Matthew Windows - Senior Technician

Matt has been with PCSimple since October of 2017, and as of October 2018 he finished his apprenticeship and was premoted to senior technician. Matt is the main technician in our workshop.

Josh headshot

Joshua Allman - Technician & Business Development Manager

Josh started in October 2018 as an apprentice, and then proceeded to become PCSimple’s Business Development Manager. He is managing our business to business connections.

Dominic Harper - Technician & Web Development and Social Network Manager

Dom also started in October 2018 at an apprenctice; since then he has become our Social Networking Manager, running our social media profiles and fixing up our website when necessary.