We supply both new and refurbished computers, but that’s not the issue.

The real problem is how do you know which make and model is right for you when there is so much choice available?

Amazon claim to list over 100,000 personal computers!

All will have different features and claims, which makes it incredibly difficult (if not impossible) for the lay person to decide what is right for them. You could waste hours researching and reading, and probably end up none the wiser.

Common sense says there is no point paying for features you don’t need, but how do you know which are important?

So that’s where we start – finding out exactly what you need your computer to do for you.

By talking this through, either on the phone or face to face, together we can determine exactly what you need.

It might be a refurbished computer (fully guaranteed of course with that ‘new feel’ too) will work just fine for you.  We always have a range in stock, set up and ready to go. If this is the case, it will be a very cost effective option.

If it’s a new machine, we carry a large range at very competitive prices, often beating much larger firms as we belong to a buying group which helps us with economies of scale.

We will set up your computer for you, making sure it has everything you need and will just work straight out of the box.

All the software, updates and security.

Plus show you in detail what you need to know.

And you will have the support of a local firm, with bags of experience ready and willing to help at any time.

And supported the local economy too!

Call us on 01263 823812 or pop in and put us to the test.