Need a Computer?

We have supplies of both new and refurbished computers & tablets.

The real issue with all of those supplies?
Knowing what make and model suits your needs. 

Every brand and model will make different claims about the features they offer and that information often doesn’t make sense if you aren’t specialised in the IT industry. You could waste hours researching and end up with more questions than when you started.

That's where come in!

We can work with you to determine exactly what you require from your machine.

Our team of technicians ensure that each refurbishment is up to a high standard of quality, meaning all of them are guaranteed to come with that ‘new feeling’.
They have a very in-depth process that is followed for every machine so nothing gets missed or forgotten.

We promise a high quality.

Our new machines are offered at very competative prices; often beating much larger firms.
This is because we belong to a buying group which helps us with economies of scale.

We are able to have the new machines set up ready for use with software of your choice, or our standard suite of software, depending on your requirements.

No matter what you choose, we promise to have the machine set up just for you.
We ensure that it has everything you need and will be up and running to work on straight out of the box.

  • Required software
  • Latest updates
  • Security

On top of this, if you require help, we can provide a detail walkthrough on how to work any software you asked for, or were provided with.

If you’re interested and want to find out more, simply press the button to learn more about contacting us.