Repair Services

Want your pc to run as good as new? We can help, here’s how…

We can service all makes of pc’s, laptops and tablets

At the point of writing, we have serviced 2,464 machines using all of our vast experience and technical know how.

The Problem

Your machine is slow, which is very annoying at best, and difficult or impossible to work with at worse.

Our Aim

The good news is that with a thorough service, we can get your machine back to running at its optimum speed.

Service Process

Every machine is booked onto our job management system and given a specific identification number – as you can imagine we have a large number of machines in our workshop at any one time and need to keep track of yours!

We will book a date and time for the initial investigation work – we need space our workbench.

To start work our technician carries out the following four steps:

• Visual inspection
• Boots up to ascertain any obvious issues and address immediately. If chronically slow, test with PC-check Hardware tester.
• Scan PC with Scancircle to provide Benchmark data
• Check and clean out Malware, virus’s and potentially unwanted programs

As a minimum we will run 12 applications and scans

These tests many hours in sequence – having a dedicated workshop means we can run multiple machines simultaneously, making this as cost effective as possible for our customers. But we still have to monitor your machine of course.

The software we use is highly specialised and expensive, and we are constantly updating our suite of products as technology never stands still.

Any problems and issues will be dealt with safely and securely.

We then clean your machines System Files using 25 programmes and actions

As you can imagine, this all takes time and patience! But is essential if we are to get your machine back to running as best it can.

Finally we thoroughly clean your machine to help prevent future hardware failures.


We consider it essential to have the best quality anti-virus protection available, which means one you pay for.

We can install the best anti virus protection for very little overall cost.

If you use Wi-Fi, then it is essential to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

We can install a very cost effective, secure and easy to use VPN.

Maintenance of your pc isn’t a one-off issue.

Hence why we offer our Maintenance Package – only available to customers who have taken advantage of our Premium Service.

Our Maintenance Packages are designed for those customers who want the peace of mind knowing we will provide additional support throughout the year.

• a small fixed monthly fee
• priority treatment from PC Simple
• In most cases be able to remotely access your machine during normal office hours, which means we will be able to get everything back to normal soon as possible.

We will give your machine a Premium Service every year and update the anti-virus software too, which means your machine will always be fully protected.

And if for any reason you need more extensive repairs or work on your machine, you will receive a genuine 25% discount.


We stand fully behind our service process and hence offer a guarantee. If your machine isn’t demonstrably faster after our service, for whatever reason, we will service it again free of charge.


Our premium service above costs only £59.99

If you want to include our recommended anti-virus there is an additional cost of £39.95

Our Maintenance Package is only £12.99 a month, fully inclusive

What Next?

Just get in touch and we can talk through your problems, and book your machine in. You will be joining a long list of satisfied local customers and we promise to do our very best to help – that’s why we have been in business for over 17 years!

Simply call into our shop, call on 01263 823812 or email